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                                Construction setting out
                                Construction survey and setting out shall be carried out when construction conditions permit.
                                1. According to the design requirements, check the elevation and axis with the civil engineering unit according to the drawing;
                                2. Before construction, check the axis and elevation with theodolite or level gauge, mark with marking pen or ink line, mark the elevation, and make records;
                                3. Determine the edge line and axis of the connection surface of each steel column on the foundation concrete;
                                4. Try to avoid collision between steel column and bolt, avoid column bottom deformation, reduce contact surface with foundation and bending deformation of bolt, resulting in unnecessary loss;
                                5. The survey and setting out are accurate and the pile foundation is firm and accurate. In case of material waste and rework caused by errors, the responsible person shall bear all the responsibilities, and a minimum deduction of 200 yuan shall be made.
                                在施工放线过程中应当注意误差,在放线过程中尽量用经纬线,如遇大风天气,就不要放线,由于施工水平的不同,每次放线都会有误差,为了锈钢铸件 保定建筑设计 螺杆式启闭机 保定搬家 电缆挂钩 保定室内设计培训 冲压机减小误差,应先对两边山墙进行放线,然后用钢尺量,如果山墙线和图纸有误差,说明实体与图纸不符,在不符的情况下,要及时纠正,将误差减小到最小,尽量控制在2mm之间。
                                Attention should be paid to the errors in the process of setting out. In the process of setting out, longitude and latitude lines should be used as much as possible. In case of windy weather, there will be errors in each setting out. In order to reduce the errors, the gables on both sides should be set out first, and then measured with a steel ruler. If there is an error between the gable line and the drawing, the entity is inconsistent with the drawing To correct in time, reduce the error to the minimum and try to control it within 2mm.


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